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​The exhibits in this Marquee are collections assembled lovingly over the years, often made by the exhibitor from scratch. They reflect the hobbies and interests of the exhibitors and none of the items are for sale. Last year they included: model boats and horse drawn carts, a collection of vintage dolls and toys, patchwork quilting, gypsy caravans, old small kitchen and farm tools, a working handmade model fairground, a collection of milk bottles and scratch built Royal Navy Warships

​Exhibitors wishing to have a stall are advised to read the Exhibitor's Guide. In order to avoid too much duplication of any particular hobby, some exhibitors may not be granted a stall every year.  Exhibitors wishing to have a stall are advised to read the Exhibitors Q & A.

​In order to apply for a Toys and Hobbies  Stand please read the documents below, and then email after which we will send you all forms required for an application.

Or contact us via phone 01297 34517.

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